Monday, October 04, 2010

QOTD - Learn From My Fail Edition

From :

Ladies, if your first date is ever at a shooting range, don't wear a low cut shirt. Very hot shell casings will land in your bra and burn you. There is no dignified way to get them out quickly either. #LFMF

But that's not the quote of the day, that comes from the comments:

caratt says:

my husband is also a gun fanatic, and has never fired at a living thing. he doesn’t like hunting, he just likes his guns.

AnonMan says:

Then why does he like guns?

I know some guys use guns to compensate for certain things.

MacFall says:

Because it’s fun to send pieces of metal flying through the air at high velocity into inanimate objects.

And you’re right. A lot of guys use guns to compensate for the fact that they cannot use their unaided muscle power to cause objects to break the sound barrier.

MacFall FTW.

If you want to see just how far the normalization of gun rights in this country has come, just read the rest of the comments.