Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Got my first "Gunwalker" Robocall, begging for money, almost certainly a scam

Wow, this was disgustingly crass.

It opened with the statement "Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is DEAD because attorney general Eric Holder deliberately sold guns to mexican drug cartels", and degenerated into an anti-obama screed from there.

Then, they asked me to commit to covering "part of the cost of sending 1000 faxes to every member of the house and senate", for "just $18".

Of course, they never identified themselves as to organization etc...


There's a hell of a scam for you.

Just for your edification, the phone number the call came from showed up in caller ID as "wireless caller" at 202-738-5634, which reverses to a Verizon cell phone in DC (and when dialed gives "all circuits are busy now", from multiple different phone lines, different providers etc...).