Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kitty Update

I spent all of this morning dealing with our unexpected guest.

Craigslist ad and local animal shelter found ads are now written and posted. Checked craigslist, the local animal shelter lost and found board, the local newspapers, the local cheapie classifieds, every local bulletin board I know of (which is a fair number)...


Stopped at the local vet (local being a whole mile away) and while they didn't know of any lost kitties they said if I brought him in they'd scan him for a microchip.

So I took all of the spare cash I had plus all of the change I'd found while cleaning the house, went to Walmart, turned in the coin at the Coinstar (payday's not until Friday), and went shopping for cat supplies.

Can someone explain to me why a cat carrier is so expensive now? $17? Really?

However, I think I did pretty well for only having $32 to spend:

Cat carrier, dry food, wet food, food dish, catnip, and doggie treats for encouraging good puppy behavior around the kitty.

Took everything home, assembled the carrier, and loaded kitty up for the trip to the vet. No fighting, no hissing, no biting, no scratching. He didn't want to go into the carrier but he didn't fight me either.

Calmest damn cat I've ever seen.

The vet is only a mile away but halfway up our residential road I had to stop the truck for a bit. Someone needed to cross the road:

A juvenile whitetail. In the middle of the day. Sauntered right in front of a 3/4 ton diesel truck, fully expecting me to stop. Then kept walking, calm and as unhurried as could be, right down to the water.

Pretty common for our neighborhood actually.

So I got the kitty to the vet and the assistant scanned him for a microchip. Nada once again. However since it wasn't busy she also took time to call the vet in to look at him.

The vet looked him over, pronounced him healthy and somewhere around 2-3 years old, gave him a dewormer, and treated what little ear mites he had.

For free.

She also gave me a newly expired bottle of the ear mite solution mixed with a little invermectin with strict instructions to treat his ears every day for a week, and every two days for two weeks after.

For free. Because he's a stray and I'm trying to find his family.

We're never going to another vet ever again.

I'm not very happy about the lack of luck finding his family though. I hope Og is wrong and he's not a drop-off case. He's way too good of a kitty to be abandoned.