Friday, November 30, 2012

Adventures in sleep deprivation

So, I've mentioned before that one of the side effects I've had from  my underlying health issues, and from the medications to treat them; is periodic bouts of moderate to very severe insomnia.

Well, this past week I've had the worst bout with insomnia that I've had since I was a teenager.

note: When I was 15, I once spent five full days ...127 hours actually... awake; without the aid of medication. I was halucinating by the end of it. A few years later, in a training exercise when I was 19; I spent 4.5 days awake and very physically active; and again, by the end of that I was experiencing sleep deprivation induced psychosis.

It's now Friday morning, at just before 0100. The last time I woke up from actual sleep of any duration was last Sunday around 1100.

It's been almost 110 hours since I actually slept.

In that time, I have managed to have three, very shallow, short periods of dozing; of about 60-90 minutes each. None of that was true sleep; I never went below the level of a shallow doze. I've also had a few fatigue induced microsleeps, and zone outs.... as you would expect...

...and which is actually worse than not sleeping at all, even if it's a short period of actual sleep; because shallow naps aren't actually restorative. You a back fully awake even more fatigued and groggy than before you started.

The last of those was Wednesday, around 8-9am.

The real kicker though?

During that time, I've had SEVEN phone interviews (one tuesday, one wednesday, and five thursday) which, thankfully, I think I nailed), with two different prospective employers.

Thank god I know how to function on no sleep... but still, never a good situation.

The good news is that I am about to fall asleep, and this one is going to be for real. I'm writing this  the last dregs of useful consciousness and energy, and about 30 seconds after I put my laptop down I'll be passing out...

Just enough time to get a good night sleep, before I have to get up and get ready for another phone interview at 10am.