Tuesday, April 02, 2013

More pictures and updates later... for right now, our baby is sick

We woke up this morning and he looked damn near dyed in yellow. Ayup, jaundice. Unfortunately, it happens in something like 60% of premature babies. He's in the Docs with Mel right now. I'm at home because the infection I've been fighting for weeks now (and last week seemed almost completely better) seems to have relapsed... either that, or it's just stress, or exhaustion... Bills are killing us right now... God DAMN this is expensive (and paying out of pocket entirely... sucks...). Thanks to everyone who has helped out, really it's been great... We're already supplementing the breast feeding with formula and vitamin D drops, so we may need to take him in for daily phototherapy for a few days. He's going to be fine I'm sure... but it's never great being in this situation.