Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Total Tire Fail

70 mph catastrophic carcass failure on US95 heading home from friends. I was lucky and didn't lose it, and was able to make it to the shoulder OK.

Unfortunately, my OEM jack broke, and my rescue jack is sitting in my garage because I need to clean it after using it to free a friend from deep mud a couple weeks back.

Oh and I've got a 101 degree fever, and I'm sick to my stomach (got sick this evening while visiting).

AAA is on the way right now.

Update: Yay... the spare tire was stuck up in the well and couldn't be freed on the side of the road, so they had to get a flatbed out to haul me home. Ended up not getting to sleep 'til after 3, then  was so sick and exhausted, I slept 'til 1:30 pm.

There may be some front end damage here as well... That's great... don't really have the money for that... OR for a new tire (tires for this beast are INCREDIBLY expensive).