Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm conducting a seminar on regulatory compliance this Friday

This Friday, 3pm-4:30 pm eastern, Bobby Kuzma of Effortless IT, and I, will be conducting a web seminar on IT regulatory compliance (with a particular focus for IT service delivery and managed service providers).

MSP 360 -  What Every MSP Should Know about Regulatory Compliance

In this age of reform, regulated industries are shifting rapidly and IT service providers are tasked with implementing important changes. Understanding the regulatory landscape can help you to avoid pitfalls while uncovering areas of opportunity. 
In this episode of MSP:360, we will explore the regulatory standards and new requirements of various industries that will impact IT service providers. We will discuss how you can take advantage of opportunities associated with industry reform by helping your clients with compliance. You’ll also learn how your IT services business may be impacted by servicing regulated clientele. 
With the HIPAA/HITECH compliance deadline set for September 23, 2013, now is the time to get educated on all the latest regulatory developments. 

Don't miss this special, 90-minute extended episode of MSP:360.

Registration is free, and the seminar is recorded for later replay.

If you've ever wondered what I actually do, for actual money, here's a chance to see.

Oh and if you've read much on regulatory compliance, or had a seminar on it, you know... it can be pretty boring stuff... Well, let me just say I have an entirely different approach to compliance, and I think even seasoned compliance professionals, as well as anyone in IT... and ESPECIALLY any small business owners out there, and anyone working in healthcare, financial, or other heavily regulated sectors (even if you are only a subcontractor or provide services to them)... will find this very interesting.