Monday, November 21, 2005

"Good Night, and What the Fuck?"

George Clooney is an ass.

Of course you probably knew that or you wouldn't be reading this. I happen to think he's a decent actor, a half decent director/producer, and a pretty good movie star (which is different from being an actor); unfortunately that almost always means that the individual in question is an ass.

You see hollywood is full of commies. Not jsut liberals, but hard core socialists, redistributionists, collectivists, communists etc... and it has been since the '30s.

It's also filled with absolutely enormous egos, all of whom seem to have a persecution/messiah complex.

George Clooney is one of the biggest of them at the moment. He seems to have dedicated to himself to bringing america arround to the "correct" way of thinking, by cultural force.

Thus bringing us to the movie "Good Night, and Good Luck", which is in theory a story about Edward R. Murrow, and the destruction of the "EEEEEVIL" Joseph McCarthy.

Ann Coulter, she of the ridiculously long chicken legs, and viciously barbed language; has posted a through trashing of Clooneys ridiculous paean to the "angels and martyrs of the blacklist" (I got that quote from some article about Elia Kazan, obviously intended to be sarcastic)

See, here's the thing... McCarthy was right.

This is also known as "Even Paranoids Have Enemies" or "Just because you're
paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you" effect.

McCarthy was the worst sort of bully, a violent alcoholic, and a raving
paranoid. He was also right more often than not. Of course, he was most often right by accident, and he destroyed peoples lives without consideration. I hate the guy, not jsut because of the above, but because he set back the cauze of anti-communism in this country to the point where the commies were essentially allowed to take over our educational establishment, and much of the democratic party.

Fact: Hollywood and the state department were full of actual communists

Fact: Many of those communists were acting as intelligence agents
against U.S. interests for either the communist party, or the soviet
union directly

Fact: Many of those communists were deliberately attempting to influence
the press, the government, and the film industry; frequently
successfully; to promote communist values

Now, if you believe that communism is an objective evil, as I do, then
it is self evident that; aside from frequently being felonious; what
these people were doing was in furtherance of evil.

If you believe that communism is objectively good, or at worst neutral;
then you are most likely willing to excuse all that in the name of
"freedom of expression" etc... Which is fine up until you start giving
national secrets away to a hostile foreign power. Then you get the
chair, or at the very least go to prison.

Alger Hiss
Julius Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg

Yeah, we can prove beyond all doubt they were spies. If you don't think
so, or if you think that's OK because the russians were "our friends"
at the time, I'm not even going to continue speaking with you because
it's obviously hopeless.