Monday, November 07, 2005

Sick again

God damnit I can't win this week.

I woke up feeling like crap around 6:30, so after the GF left at 8:30 I went back to bed. Now its 5pm, I feel worse than ever, and I've got a fever of 101...


UPDATE: I'm up to 104. I cant remember feeling this hot in all my life, though I went to 106 when I was 5 and had scarlet fever.

UPDATE again: I've stayed between 102 and 103 somethin almost all day. No other symptoms except a stuffed up nose so I really have no idea what this is. Of course I can't take sudafed 'cuz it'll make the fever worse, and anything more than 104 is hospital time.

I've lost 15 lbs in three days, and I've been stuffing myself and drinking tons. I do NOT recommend this diet plan.

UPDATE final (I hope): Well the fever broke again early this morning, after a long night of tossing around, fever dreams, and muscle spasms from the fever and dehydration.

I'm actually more sore right now than I was after the RWVA shoot.

Anyway, I'm down below 100, and I'm fervently hoping I stay that way/keep going lower (I have a normal oral temp of 96.6 or so)