Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gun Show Report

So we went to PHX’s second biggest gun show today(ter-mark. Crossroads is the biggest, in two weeks) and it was a pretty thin day overall.

The objectives for the day were to try out revolvers and shotguns with our new shooter, possibly pick up a scope and a flip up front sight for my new varmint upper, some riser rails and rings, and pick up a large quantity of ammo for NAD.

Well let me tell you the pickings were slim.

The firstthins we noted was that the AR parts and accessories were almost non-existent. There was only one vendor, with two booths, selling AR accessories, and it was all chinese forgery crap. THere was only one dedicated new AR venodr (mad dawg, a decent company), and really all they had were uppers, lowers, parts kits, and complete rifles.

On the scope and rungs front, there was NOTHING BUT CRAP. I mean nothing but NcStar ang Guntek and other chinese shit. Stuff I wouldnt put on an SKS type shit.

On to ammo, and there was NO 7.62x39 to be found at all.

Remember, this is two hours into the first day of the show, and no-one including J&G and ammo wholesalers has any.

No mil-surp, no barnaul, no wolf… just plain nothing.

Also almsot no 5.56. Very little xm193/ss193, very little other 55gr, really no 62gr except wolf, and almost nothing heavier than 62gr at all. In the entire show I was able to find FOUR BOXES TOTAL of 69gr, and one of the reloaders had some 75gr left bit nothing else.

I would estimate that in total there were less than 10 cases of 5.56 at the whole show.

They did have some .308; but only one vendor had any in decent quantity, and the price was such that I wasn't interested.

Asking the vendor triggered the response, “we just can’t get anything, and what we get we can’t keep in stock”.

We ended up picking up some reman ammo from a guy I've dealt with before, some once fired brass, a small amount of commercial match ammo for the AR, and a TON of .22 (John and I were both running low). All in all I guess 3000 rounds, but only about 1500 of that was centerfire.

Overall, a thumbs down show. Here's hopin crossroads is better.