Friday, November 17, 2006

A fitness progress report

Well, as of the 11th of this month, it was two months since we started our diet; and a month into our excercise program.

I've got pretty good news, and some not so great news.

The pretty good news? I've menaged to drop 40 lbs. I'm down from 425, to 385 as of this morning. I've actually seen as low as 377, and I've been floating up and down around 380-385 for about two weeks. I'm consistently dropping around 4 pounds a week, actually as much as seven and as little as one averaged out; which I'm pretty happy with.

Mel has had somewhat less dramatic results, she's down to about 210, and has pleateaued for a while. She's been losing 1-1.5 pounds a week average; with as much as 4lbs, and as little as even money, with no weight gain excluding water retention.

We're not hungry all the time, we're happy and satisfied with what we're eating, and we don't much feel like we're on a diet; certainly we don't feel deprived... though Mel is sometimes irritated because she cant give in to her cravings for candy.

Even better news, I've lost almost 7% bodyfat; which I'm THRILLED with (just another 25% or so to go...)

The not so great news?

Well, our excercise plan has hit a stall; or at least mine has anyway, as Mel hsan't settled on a routine.

I went camping two weeks back; and on the trip I managed to bugger up my knees a fair bit; so I've had to limit my excercise somewhat. I'm easing back into it now.

The weeks that I was excercising heavily were very dramatic in my tone, my energy levels etc... though my weight loss was reduced. I think that the significant bodyfat loss in that time period, is primarily from the heavy excercise weeks, which again I'm very happy about.

Now I just need to get back into the regular moderate excercise.