Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Where have YOU been?

create your own visited country map

The America only version of this one went around a few months back, but i've been to all 50 states, so it's a bit boring.

The big hole there, is most of Africa. I'd really like to visit some of them before they become totally unrecoverable... 'course it's too late for a lot of Africa. Other than SA and Egypt which I don't really count as Africa, I've only been to Kenya and Nigeria (both for contracts); and I haven't really seen the good and intersting stuff.

Central Asia is pretty bare for me too, but theres not a lot there for me to visit.

Also, most of these places I was either traveling through, or I got off a plane, went to a site, did a job, got back on a plane, and left. I'd like the chance to get a lot more "fun" stuff done in a lot of those places.

Also, the map looks a lot more impressive than it really is, because most of the time I visited one single city; and theres a whole country filled in.

So, where've you been?