Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Holy crap, I'm about to hit a million

Unique visits that is (I'm already WELL over a million page views).

I just glanced over at my sitemeter, and as of 1303ast, I'm at 997,200. At my normal hit rate, some time late tomorrow night, I'm going to hit a million unique visitors.

I've been writing on this blog for 2 years and 8 months; for a total of 1,745 posts.

I've had a high average of about 2000 readers per day, and I've been at between 1200 and 1500 for the last couple months; which is I figure about the same weekly readership as a small market newspaper or the same monthly as small genre magazine columnist... so I guess I'm not doing to shabby.

I suppose I should really finish organizing and updating my archives with categories and the like, so I can fix my "best of AnarchAngel" section huh...