Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our Puppy has a Cunning Hat

And he's got a new name as well. Of course those of you who are fans already know what it is, but allow me to make a fool out of myself with this little ditty:

Jayne, the dog they call Jayne

He robbed from the cats
And he slept on the floor
Stood up to the Mac
And got chased out the door
Our love for him now
Ain't hard to explain
The puppy of our house
The dog they call Jayne
We were trying every name we liked, looking to see what he responded to. I mean we went through at least a hundred names; going from Shakespeare and the classics (I liked Fortinbras, and Fallstaff. The puppy did not) to TV characters somehow related to Richard Dean Anderson (Teal'C and Jack didn't really work).

We had thought about Mal (as suggested by a commenter) and Wash, but he didn't seem to care for either. I suggested Jayne, and Mel nearly fibblesnorked, so we tried it on the dog, and he perked right up.

It was literally the only name he responded to... and of course it's a cool reference; so hey, there we go.