Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr. 3000

So I've got 3000 bullets on the way, courtesy of the Midway USA "Blemished Bullets" sale.

These are otherwise perfect premium bullets that have discoloration on their jacket. Perfectly normal, high quality bullets, just ugly looking.

Heres the link:
Blemished Bullets at Midway

I just picked up about 3,000 various bullets, for less than half their normal price. I snapped up 500 of my preferred 10mm 180gr XTP for $35 (typically about $90); and 1000 of my preferred .223 75gr Hornady Match HP for less than $80 (typically $180); along with some 9mm, .45, and lighter weight .223 to load for friends.

Unfortunately, most of the popular bullets are gone already, but you might still be able to get some decent deals on less popular calibers.

Best of all, they should be here in time for me to load them up for Rumpshots shoot up in Paulden next weekend.

Oh, and I grabbed the case lathe at the same time; with the three way cutter attachment:

Which is a neat little piece really. It acts as a case length trimmer, chamfer tool, and deburring tool all at once. It does everything but neck turning, in one step; and can be made into a neck turner by putting in the $10 turning pilot (caliber specific), and the $5 replacement turning cutter.

Sure, it's probably not QUITE as accurate and precise as doing each step by hand, but it's a LOT faster; which means I can load more rounds that don't need to be "absolutely the best I can possibly make".

That would let me do all the steps of case neck prep in one, on the thousands of good but not spectacular practice ammo I load; in comparison to the hundreds of best quality match grade stuff I'm loading (which for chamberings larger than .223, I'm going to want to neck turn by hand anyway).

Again, it's all about saving time.