Thursday, October 18, 2007

If it's ugly and it works...

It's still ugly... but it still works.

Ruger has made the official announcement today of their new striker fired double action polymer framed pistol.

Intended to be the first of a whole new family of pistols (including compact, and .40 caliber models at the very least... most likely a .45 in a year or two) the first model is the SR9, in 9mm, and holding 17+1 rounds, in a quite slim pistol for the breed.

In fact, it's thinner than either the Glock or the Springfield Armory XD, it's primary competitors; though thicker than the single stack pistols from Kahr (a favored choice for deep concealment because of how thin and compact they are).

It has an interchangeable back strap, the grip angle is based on the 1911, and the primary controls are fully ambidextrous.

Bottom line:

This is the first all new pistol design from Ruger since 1987 (the P345s are still based on the P series, which was designed in '85 but didnt hit retail til '87); and it’s so ugly FN could’ve made it...


It’s US made, it has a safety, it has re-strike (maybe. One article I read mentioned it, none of the others does), it has ambidextrous controls, it's 26.5oz (unloaded), and the grip angle looks good. Also, at an MSRP of $525 and an expected street price of $450.... We’ll see.

Michael Bane has (a lot) more.

Oh and an aside: What the hell is with Rugers new slogan "Arms maker for responsible citizens"?

Am I the only one pissed off by this?