Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Adopt an SP

A friend of mine, an Air Force Security Forces troopie, is out doing his job in The Kingdom at the moment. The AF has been jerking him around on assignments for two years now, and now he's stuck over there doing one of those "days of boredom/moments of terror" jobs.

Most people don't understand or appreciate how tough a job it is, protecting an airbase the size of a small town against all comers; and like cops everywhere the AFSF don't get too much respect, unless they're hauling somebodies ass out of trouble (which they do more frequently than you might expect).

Anyway, he's asking for care packages, and I'm inclined to oblige. Here's his request;

64th ESFS
APO AE 09852

I will get it, as that is my office symbol.

Things we need:
Sugar free water flavoring (Packets preferably… the Dihydromonoxide is getting a bit old)
Any type of jerky

The package will go to a flight of folks, and any little bit helps.

PLEASE DO NOT send weapons/weapon accessories, Porn (Maxim is porn here), alcohol, cigarettes, or pork products. This will cause trouble at customs.

Allow me to add to that list a bit:

1. Hard, shelf stable mints (like altoids, certs, tictacs etc...)
2. 550 cord
3. ranger bands (make your own, they're cheaper and better)
4. Babywipes in resealable containers. Foil softpacks work great
5. Lens cleaning wipes
6. Hun tape (hundred mile and hour tape, or gaffer tape. Like super duct tape)
7. Reading material that is definitely not porn (or otherwise offensive to arabs or muslims). Adventure paperbacks are best
8. Games that don't have a lot of small pieces to lose
9. molle straps and clips (web straps and clips that are used for tying stuff down to molle gear)
10. Stuff sacks and molle pouches
11. Powdered soup mix (stick to chicken noodle)
12. Powdered cocoa
13. Bags of small balloons (you stretch them over things to keep the dust out)
14. Plastic baggies (same thing), and zip lock bags of all sizes
15. Regular and heavy duty rubber bands
16. Pocket sized notebooks
17. Gold bond medicated baby powder/foot powder in individual sized containers
18. Batteries (AAA, AA, cr123a, cr2032)

If you're going to get food products, make sure they are shelf stable, and heat stable; and that they travel well (nothing too crumbly). Single serve packets are best.

If anyone would like to contribute but doesn't want to go through the hassle of gathering and mailing things, my tip jar for the month of October will be dedicated to helping out the 64th ESFS.

Defensor Fortis