Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Babes With Bullets - Meet and Greet

Luckily enough due to the power of email I received an offer to carpool with Kay Z. This saved me from renting a car and saved her from driving all the way to Tucson by herself, which would have been a considerable bore.

So mid-morning Chris dropped me off at Kay's house (after the required introductions of course) and we started our trek to Tucson.

A couple of hours and a nice lunch later we made it to our vacation rental complex, which turned out to be much NICER than expected considering the cost for the course and accommodations was $425.

Outside of the meetup condo we met two of our soon-to-be roomies, Eva and Lisa Munson. They showed us to the condo, which exceeded all expectations.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a gorgeous view. Later we would hear tales of the accommodations at previous camps not being quite so swank, but we were more than happy with our condo.

We left the condo and attended a filming session, then returned for a little R&R before the big group dinner. Kay, Eva, and I decided we were in need of some sustenance not provided by the camp and that a booze run was in order.

By this time 5 of us roomies had moved into the condo, and bonding commenced.

Time for the group dinner came upon us, and we headed out the "hospitality" condo.

There we met the rest of the campers and the rest of the instructors. I would have pictures but *someone* forgot to mention that camera battery being "low" when he handed it to me really meant "will shut off after 10 pictures".

Anyway, we met all of the other women and our chef and got to the business of getting to know each other before going to the range the next day. As for warnings about what we in for? Other than finding out we would be divided into 2 groups (new shooters and not-so-new shooters) all we found out for sure was that we were going to be sore by the end of first day at the range.

I did not expect the level of welcoming and camaraderie within this group of women, some of whom (like Kay and myself) did not know a single soul attending. We all had two things in common; being female (obviously) and wanting to learn how to shoot or shoot better. What I've learned after 2 years of dealing with gun nuts held true: gun people are the nicest people in the world.


Tomorrow: Range day and more training than I thought could be squeezed into 8 hours.

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