Thursday, November 15, 2007

Babes With Bullets - Day 1 of Instruction

I expected to be taught something new. I expected to be taught how to be a more accurate and faster pistol shooter. I did NOT expect near as much instruction or one-on-one guidance as I received.

Day 1 at the range involved 8 hours of pure instruction in the basics, including:
  • Proper range behavior
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Drawing safely and quickly from the holster
  • Sight picture
  • Trigger control
  • 1 shot drills from the holster
  • Accuracy through 6-shot groups
  • BILL Drills (6 shots as quickly and accurately as you are comfortable)
  • Reload drills
The beginners group started with even more basic concepts; gun safety, basic gun handling, target shooting with .22 pistols, and then graduation to the 9mm.

All of my group spent most of the day on the firing line at the same time. However, despite the fact that all of us were on the line at the same time the 2 instructors guiding us took time to watch us all separately and correct our grip, stance, and draw from the holster. They also took time with each of us to help us with our sight picture and accuracy.

Although I started out a reasonable shot, by the end of the day almost all of my shots ended up in the A-zone and I was twice as accurate and twice as fast as when I started.

For all of you reading this review thinking of sending yourself or your loved one, I can NOT overstate the amount of individual attention the instructors gave all of us. Each instructor told us exactly what we needed to know whenever they helped us, and tracked our progress through the day. They were kind, patient, encouraging the entire time, with an eye towards continued progress.

I learned more about how to handle my pistol for accuracy in the first day at the range than I learned in the 2 years prior.

I would have pictures of the training, except 1. I didn't want to spoil the experience for any new campers, and 2. they kept us so busy that I had NO time to take pics.

After the range we returned to our condo to clean up before dinner. At dinner we were surprised with a special guest.

There, between Mike (Sheila's husband and our chef) and Sheila is Sandy Froman, former president of the NRA. She joined us for our group dinner, a short speech, and some meet and greet with the campers.

Speaking of Mike, he's an excellent chef and baker:

Chocolate cake with white chocolate-covered maraschino cherries and Hershey's kisses and almonds. All of the food Mike prepared was utterly awesome.

Dinner was great, the camaraderie was great, the stories were great. Of course, all of us were encouraged to join the NRA if we weren't already members, and any other gun rights groups we wanted to join. All throughout the camp it was made clear that women are the future of gun rights, and we need to be active advocates for gun rights.

Some other pictures from the night:

Ann (one of my roomies), Rozanne, and Rose Mary

Deb, Sandy, and Kay Miculek

Kay Miculek, Deb, Marsha, Sandy, Trish

Nikki, Sharon, Karan

Donna, Evelyn, Sandy, Eva, Jackie, and Nikki. Sandy with all of the NRA Certified Instructors at the camp.

All in all, a good first full day at the camp.


Tomorrow: Day 2 of Instruction - MORE drills

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