Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Valour-IT Challenge Wrap up

Well folks, the totals are in; and unfortunately we fell well short of our goal.

The good news is, through the Anarchangel pistol challenge, we helped raise over $4000 of that total; 2/3 of which was from three individual donors; who although they do not wish to be identified I want to thank personally for their donations. In fact I want to thank all of you who donated, no matter how much it was. I think maybe I'll do this next year too, 'cept bigger, and with a nicer gun.

Now, the winner...

The winning donor, a reader from Pennsylvania, kicked in $1200; which I'm ashamed to admit is a fair bit more than I've donated myself this year. He has asked that his name not be released, and I'll respect that.

SIr, thank you very mucch for your donation, and your consideration; and your pistol will be on its way to you as soon as I can arrange it with my FFL.

So let me ask y'all; do you think a raffle format would work and/or be better for next year?

It would work like this:

Each individual donation of say $25, (or maybe $50, I haven't decided) would entitle you to one "ticket" in the drawing. Donate $100 get 4 tickets donate $1200, get 48 etc... As an incentive for larger donations, for every 5 tickets worth of donations, you'd get a free ticket. The raffle would go from the first day of the challenge to the last, and obviously the odds would be dependent on the number of donors. Also I think I'd have to add in a caveat about there being a certain number reached; say the retail value of the gun; but I don't think that'd be an issue.

I'm trying to balance the incentive for the small donors, but I also want to encourage larger donations.

What do you think?

Oh and what kind o gun would y'all like to see auctioned off? Something nicer than the PA-63 here; but something I could in theory afford to buy and donate?