Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sick as a damn dog

I've had a low grade sinus cold for about a week; and the suddenly in the last two days its gone into a full blown flaring infection.


It's been raining and chilly here for about two weeks; and the humidity is so high I'm actually getting condensation on my tile floors, and on some of my walls. Combine that with the dust and mold issues we've got here in Phoenix, and you can see it's a situation ripe for environmental aggravation; turning a minor sinus cold into a major league pain in the ass (and head).

Any way, that' why so little content the last few; and likely the next couple as well. I have another TV post to write, a camera post to finish up, and a PC post to finish up... all paeans to gadgetary consumerism; but I doubt all three will be out the door this week.