Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Haul

So, as has become traditional in the blog world, people are talking about what they got for Christmas.

So what the hell, let's join the party.

Firstly, I didn’t really get much gun stuff this year:

Winchester gun cabinet
Lyman 2500 magnum tumbler
3x 10mm magazines

I had a decent haul on non-gun stuff (individual):

New guitar (big present from wife) - Ovation celebrity ultraslim electracoustic
New watch (other big present from wife) - Invicta automatic dive watch, with diamond markers
New turkish cotton bathrobe (very big and comfy)
About 20 books
About 40 dvds and HD dvds (a couple of full series sets, plus individual movies)

Family presents:

61” HDTV
New desktop computer for the family
A new puppy ( Jayne was an early christmas present)

It was a techie year for most of my gift giving as well.

What I got for Mel:

New laptop
Yamaha electric piano
The complete Calvin and Hobbes (hardbound collectors edition)
5 magazines for the Hi-Power

Everyone else gave her books and DVDs.

I gave a new (or refurbished) laptop to two of my friends, and my mother. I gave a new or refurbished desktop to the kids (as a family present), and my father in law.

In terms of gunnie presents that I GAVE…

I built JohnOC a new work counter height (elbow height on a standing man) reloading and projects bench, and gave him all of my old turret press and manual reloading stuff (everything, including tumbler, press, powder measure, dies, calipers, etc...) plus a label maker, and a magnifying lamp.

A couple of us got together and bought Kommander a new Burris Speed dot XTR.

That was about it. I gave a total of 6 computers this year, which is a new record for me. Even including the big family presents, we spent less than last year (thank god. We went a little nuts last year); and everybody is happy and healthy.

What more can you ask for.