Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So, yaknow that really spectacular deal I was getting on that really spectacular TV?

Well, it turns out when the seller said they had one remaining in stock, and took my money, and confirmed a 7 day delivery time... They were lying.

See, they didn't have any remaining in stock; and since the model is discontinued, they won't be getting any more.

I'm not so much irritated at not getting the deal there; what I'm really pissed about is that they KNEW they couldn't fulfill my order on Friday; but they neither called, nor emailed me. I had to call when I got nervous about not receiving my delivery scheduling email.

It seems that rather than cancel my order, they processed it, and as the warehouse didn't have any remaining stock, the expediter put it on backorder status; even though the item is not backorderable.

If I hadn't called in, my order would have just sat there on backorder for up to 90 days.

Anyway, other options are currently being investigated.

UPDATE: Ok, several people have asked me to publish the name of the retailer who pulled this.

The culprit as it were, was Beach Camera; who is also Beach Video, Beach Photo, and BuyDig.com (if you call them directly, they answer as BuyDig.com).

I have to say in their defense, I have dealt with them before, and this was the first trouble I've had. They are generally very highly rated. Also, once I did call, they refunded my money within 24 hours (it was processed the same day, and credited back yesterday in fact).