Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beef - It's what's for dinner

For the next six months or so...

That my friends, is a pic of about 200lbs of free range, grass fed, prime, dry aged beef (it's been blast frozen).

We have a share in a local cattle co-op, delivered as a 1/2 steer trimmed, dressed, aged, and prepped. We pay $1.50 per pound live weight, which typically ends up at about $3.75 to $4.25 a pound delivered weight (dependent on butchering, aging etc..); picked up from the packer.

Right there you see the 24lbs of rib eyes, and 24lbs of T-Bones (the 27lbs of sirloins are right behind the t-bones). No porterhouses cut on this run unfortunately. We do have a rib eye roast and a couple eye of round roasts though... oh and about 15lbs of ribs.

...and that would be the 55lbs of hamburger. Oh and there's 40lbs of soup bones (shanks, tail etc...) not shown in these pictures (or counted in the prepped weight).

All in all, it's about $2000 worth of beef at wholesale butcher prices, or about twice that (prime dry ages steak runs $25-$30 a pound, roasts about $15 a pound) at supermarket retail (if your supermarket even HAS prime beef).

More, better beef, for less money... Not bad that.