Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three Words

Well, three words, and three thoughts associated with them...

I've not spoken much about politics this year, specifically because when I WAS talking about it I found that it was absolutely impossible to have any kind of civil discourse with the Paulistinans, and Obamaddeans; and that the Mitt and Huck types were all heavily into self delusion.

Let's not even talk about Bob Barr (libertarian he certainly is not... publicity stunt, he certainly is), or Dennis Kucinich (really... my life would be so much better if I never heard his name again).

What was the point? The aggravation wasn't worth it.

Now that the parties have settled on their respective choices (finally), I'm going to say what will hopefully be my last GENERAL words on the subject (obviously I may end up commenting more as particular issues come up).

I'm going to be voting for John McCain (or more particularly not for McCain, but against the Democratic Party) and here's why (three words, three thoughts):
  • Barack
  • Hussein
  • Obama
  • Supreme Court Justices
  • Executive appointments
  • Cooperative congress

So, let me just close with the sentiments of my good friend Kim DuToit: