Monday, June 02, 2008

Updates, Distractions, and Dates

I did not end up driving to Tucson today.

The doctors and nurses at UMC have managed to stabilize my mother; she's ok for right now though she's still unconscious and will be kept that way for a while yet.

They've managed to successfully treat the infection and the doctors are waiting on a multitude of test results before they formulate a full treatment plan. In the meantime she's not near stable enough for surgery.

UMC is heads and shoulders above the other hospitals and she's in good hands.

Rather than sit at home worrying about my mother I've found quite an unusual distraction.

A week and something ago I visited one of my favorite bakeries in the area to pick up some fancy cupcakes for the weekend. While I chatted with the lady at the counter I thought, "hey, why not do some price shopping for the wedding" and so I asked what their price range on wedding cakes would be for our number of guests. I figured that since the legal stuff (or at the very least the divorce decree) would be wrapped up in October at the latest, I could start getting an idea of how much the BIG wedding would cost.

By the BIG wedding, I mean the big party with friends and family etc... Chris and I were privately married over two years ago, but it's not legal, because of all the custody issues preventing me from receiving a final divorce decree. Now that those issues will finally be resolved, we can have the full on wedding that we've been waiting so long for.

Oh and we're also going to have a THIRD wedding, in the catholic church, once my first marriage is annulled (which takes about two years from the time of the final divorce decree).

Complicated isn't it?

Anyway, I didn't realize when I asked that not only would I get a full answer, but that the nice lady (A.K.A. Bridal Crack Pusher) would also fill my arms with free wedding magazines.

I've been quite well distracted, thank you. I'm fully into the planning process and I'm currently trying to find a location that 1. we like and 2. we can afford. This takes a ton of prior planning (locations are commonly booked a year in advance) and a wedding date.

Now we have a lot of family and friends here, but fully half of the people we want to invite would be flying in. This includes family but also a lot of people we know from the internet, including some other gun bloggers. In the beginning we didn't expect many of them to be able to come since the 2nd Amendment community has tons of meetups every year all of the country, and trips are getting more and more expensive.

Then we realized the big NRA convention is going to be in downtown Phoenix next year.

So we've planned our wedding date accordingly.

The planned wedding date is the first day of the convention, i.e. the Friday night.

"Save the Date" notices will be mailed out shortly, as soon as I confirm venue reservations.

Hope to see a few of you there.