Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Credulous Fools

The financial crisis, caused by democrats, deepened by democrats, spun by democrats as the fault of republicans; and the credulous fools across our nation who believed them; lost this election for John McCain.

The momentum had shifted. Obamas support had peaked; and it was even looking like the democrats lead in the house and senate could be curtailed.

But the credulous fools have won.

The immature, petulant cretins; who neither knew nor understood the causes of their own outrage; directed that outrage improperly against the minority party, and their unpopular president; at the prompting of the outrageously biased media.

The media who were not only complicit in this fraud; but in fact initiated it, perpetuated it, accentuated it, and highlighted it at every opportunity.

They defrauded the people as to the cause of their problems. They defrauded the people on the polls (I was right on the polls, Obamas support levels were dramatically inflated; just not as much as I surmised). They defrauded the people as to who and what they were voting for.

Perhaps this is the inevitable consequence, when the party of the president abandons all principles; and abuses the public trust, as the republicans have done.

Now, we the people, will suffer. We will suffer under the one party rule of fanatics, zealots, and economic idiots; who believe that freedom and liberty are granted at the pleasure of government.

I fear for us all.