Monday, December 01, 2008

Vacations Over

So I took a few days off, as I'm sure you noted.

I was thinking back, and I realized something: this is the first time I've actually had five days off work in a row (that didnt involve at least two days of travel time in the middle and while I was employed) since... ever.

Ok, not really ever, but since I got out of the Air Force anyway.

Consider me relaxed. Actually, up until this evening it was very restful. Mels dad had the kids this weekend, and we slept in, cuddled, read, watched TV, and managed to get out to see "Quantum of Solace".

A damn near perfect weekend really... at least until, as I said, this evening.

Why this evening? My mother called me up Friday and said "I have to move out of my house by Monday at 5 pm, but I can't get into the new apartment until Monday. Can you rent me a truck and come over on Sunday to help us move".

I told her I wouldn't rent her the truck, but I would help her pick it up on Sunday. She said she would call me Saturday night with the details, and when to come over. Turns out she didn't call 'til 2pm Sunday.

Oooh boy...

Oh well... she's my mom. I'll be helping her out tomorrow after work too.