Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lawyers and Money

No guns, and no hitting of fans with excrement, though my jaw and the floor got uncomfortably familiar.

The hopefully final legal bill of the year just came in... MY GOD.

The donations from our readers took us up through the summer, but were exhausted in August.

Since August, we've accrued another $24,000 in legal bills, of which we've paid $7000. We didn't know what that final number was until today though.


We had expected about $10,000 but they dragged the pretrial stuff out a bit, and then had to file post hearing paperwork and responses and all this other crap...

Christ, that's a lot of money all at once.

Oh and of course when they finally lose, they're going to file another pointless appeal, which we're going to have to respond to, probably another $10,000.

Before anyone does anything, no we are NOT asking for donations at this time. This is a very different situation than we were in at the beginning of the year. As of right now, there is no danger we'll lose the kids without additional legal services; and our lawyer will be understanding in allowing us some time to pay him. I don't know if he'll be understanding enough to stretch it out to a year though, which is what I'm going to need; but we'll get by.

Now if the judge would just issue the damn ruling. Apparently he has 60 days from October 24th to do so, but we're still checking with the court every day.