Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Philippes Hot Mustard

Let me just tell you right off, this is the best hot mustard I've ever had. Given that I am a hot mustard fanatic, and have had hundreds of different kinds around the world; I might venture to say it is the best hot mustard in the world.

Imagine Chinese hot black mustard (it's not black when it's prepared, but the outer husk of the seeds are), mixed with a really good dijon, a little bit of Colemans English, a little bit of creamy hot horseradish, and a little bit of McDonalds hot mustard sauce...

..and that's almost the flavor of Philippes, but about half as good.

It tastes pretty good on the finger, but you can't really get the true sense of the flavor until you put it on something juicy and a little fatty, like some sausage or really good roast beef; or a fresh hot pan seared piece of chicken.

A little dab of Philippes on that, and you're in heaven.

Or one of my favorites, spread it on some nice soft bread with a good crust, and toast some sharply flavored cheese on top of it. No meat necessary, though a bit of ham, bacon, chicken, or roast beef wouldn't go amiss either.

There is no fatty unguence Philippes cannot cut through, and enhance; though I would say, if you are of a delicate pallette, perhaps it is not for you.

Similarly, I dont think I'd put this on a delicate piece of fish; as it would completely obliterate the subtle flavor.

Seared tuna though? Absolutely. I'd mix it with my wasabi and soy sauce.

You can get your own here: Philippes the Original

If you like mustard, and hot stuff, you really should.