Monday, March 23, 2009

The realization seems to be coming...

...even to his supporters; though slowly...

That we have elected a man of monumental incompetence, no depth, no skill beyond politics, no real accomplishment, no character; and no salient qualities other than facile social grace, and the accident of birth that is his mixed race.

He is clearly an intelligent man; but his intellect is occupied with drivel, indoctrination, academic theories and pet causes... but nothing REAL, or USEFUL, or of any substance.

It is not so much that he has no honor, or loyalty, or backbone; it is that he doesn't even understand the concepts; or worse, denigrates and derides them.

It becomes clearer and clearer to all, as every day goes by: Not only is he beyond his depth, but he cannot even successfully choose anyone to help him swim.

Effectively, we have Nancy Pelosi, and her breed of spoiled self indulgent children run amok; running this country until January of 2011 at the least.

So, how do you feel now, all of you who voted for "change" ?