Friday, September 04, 2009

Departure Imminent

Soon we will be heading here:

Which is across the private road from where we'll be sleeping, here:

And we'll be sailing this:


So, in about 8 hours, we'll be on the road for lovely Zephyr Cove Nevada, on the southeastern shore of lake Tahoe. We managed to get a smokin deal on a cabin and a boat for most of a week, and we're going to take our first real vacation since we've been together... and in fact my fist vacation in a lot longer than that.

We're going to take it easy, stop in the California mountains the first night (Bishop), and then make the short run up to Tahoe on Saturday. From there we've got most of a week, before we head out to Reno on Thursday for the gunblogger rendezvous.

We'll be posting on occasion, but hopefully not much.

Have fun while we're gone, but try not to break anything.