Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NCIS Los Angeles

So far. the pilot (which was shown last season) pretty good.

The first episode (from tonight), really, really, really bad...

Also VERY different from the pilot in general, and from NCIS; which is at least in part, why it's really, really, really bad.


The characters in the pilot: Interesting, great potential.

The character in the first episode: Completely different, one dimensional, ridiculous, just very very bad.

The writing in the pilot: Intriguing, and challenging. Like NCIS, but with a twist.

The writing in the first episode: Ever see the Vin Diesel movie "A Man Apart"? Yeah, it was better than this. So was the '84-'85 season of Saturday Night Live.

At least they avoided the CSI:Miami style pseudo science glitz they were playing with in the pilot.

...Although, seriously, Linda hunt? I mean, I love the woman. She's a great actress, and always interesting to watch... but what the hell is she doing in a show about naval criminal investigations?

I'mna give it a couple more weeks, see if it gets any better. I'm not hopeful.