Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A hundred and twenty six, and halfway...

between three and four tenths...

I feel like Cameron Frye today.

No, not the screaming freaking out neurotic thing (by the by, Alan Ruck was frikken brilliant in that movie, and is totally underrated), I'm just miserable sick at the moment.

The girls bus driver got sick yesterday, and one of the girls wasn't feeling well. Then I started feeling a bit iffy last night; and I woke up this morning with a fever, muscle and joint pain, and light and noise sensitivity.

Oh joy, sounds like flu.

The good news, is that the bus driver went to the hospital, and it isn't swine flu.

At any rate, I'm watching Ferris Beullers day off, and doing paperwork for work while I wallow in flulike misery.

I LOVE that move. No better movie for watching when you're home sick.

Oh and if you haven't seen it in a while, great cameos by... well, tons of folks actually; but really memorable ones by Kristy Swanson and Ben Stein (in the famous attendance scene), and Charlie Sheen (who I'm pretty sure was actually as high as the character he was playing.

It really is the epicenter of 80's teen movies.

Oh and as much as I love the Ferrari 250gt California (a 1961 short wheel base), is it sacrilege to say I love the later 275 spyder even more? The collectors may say so, but I think the 275 is prettier, and by the numbers it's a better performing car.