Saturday, October 03, 2009

Gives me the giggles...

So, I had a fun thought, and posted it on Mad Mikes facebook wall:
"Is it too much to hope that we could convince Baen to have some kind of three way collaboration with you, Ringo, and Kratman?

I have no idea how it would be literarily (fun I'm guessing); I'd just want to be standing on the sidelines watching the heads of the far left explode at the stuff the three of you would write, and then say during promo events.

Y'all make Orson Scott Card look like Noam Chomsky; and look at all the head splodey that went on from his relatively mild public statements."
Remember who we're talking about here:

  • Ringo wrote the "Ghost" series which prominently features beer brewing, busty, BDSM loving, voluntary sex slaves

  • Kratman is one of the few authors out there who tell it like it is with regards to the muslim world (and he would know... he could be known more formally as Lt. Colonel Tom Kratman US Army retired) and wrote a series of books essentially about the necessity of exterminating all muslims

  • Mad Mike (Michael Z. Williamson, A.K.A. Crazy Einar) writes about radical libertarianismrevolting against the fascist empire of the U.N., and is the guy who almost singlehandedly popularized giving pink AR's to pre-teen girls.

  • All three are former active duty U.S. military (and Mad Mike is still in the reserves)
Let's just say that none of them are noted for their propensity to hold either mild opinions, or their tongues.

Seriously, I think it'd be a riot... possibly literally if they got in front of the right audience.