Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Original "War on Terror"

The first recorded mention of the term "War on Terror" in the New York Times did not occur after 9/11 as many would assume... In fact it was in 1934, and wasn't even about the U.S.

You might be shocked as to exactly which nation it was about... or perhaps not...

War On Terror

(New York Times) December 4, 1934

Soviet Arrests 71 In War On ‘Terror’

Spurred by the assassination of Sergei M. Kiroff, the Soviet Government has struck its heaviest blow in years at those whom it regards as plotters of terroristic acts against Soviet officials.

With dramatic suddenness it was announced early this morning that seventy-one persons had been arrested and haled to trial before the military collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR. Thirty-two of these were seized in the Moscow region and thirty-nene in the Leningrad region. They are stigmatized as “White Guards” and accused of plotting terroristic activities.

* * * * *

By the terms of a decree adopted by the central government immediately after the Kremlin received the news of M. Kiroff’s death, terrorists and plotters are to be tried swiftly and to be executed immediately without opportunity for appeal.

Now I'm not one of those pseudo-intellectual mental midgets who would compare the U.S. efforts directly to Stalins reign of terror (however they couched it as a "war on terror"); but one should at the least be able to recognize the historical irony.