Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slept 13 of the last 24 hours

But no more than 5 in a row.

Or at least sort of slept. That strange combination of half awake disturbed sleep and stretches of deep "sleep of the dead" that I generally get when I'm sick.

Though if you know me, you know that number is a frikken miracle. I'm usually lucky to get 4-6 hours; and if I get more than 6 I tend to be groggy when I wake up. The only time I sleep more than 8 hours in 24, is when I'm sick.

The fever is mostly gone, though I've still got the hot and cold streaks, and the skin sensitivity. The joint and muscle pain, and sensitive skin are worse. The cough is about the same.

The kids are feeling fine, which is great. Nothing worse than miserable kids stuck in the house. Mel is slightly less miserable than I am.

Here's to another day of slamming fluids, savory soups and broths, and sleeping as much as I can force my body to accept.