Sunday, August 22, 2010

County Officials Protecting You

From the farmer with the fruit stand.  Long story short, farmers in Ada County Idaho were selling produce and goods not from their own farms at their farmstands.  They ran amiss of county regulations banning selling produce from other farms, and the county wanted them to comply.  So they allowed themselves to be annexed by the town of Kuna, which had no problem with such free enterprise.  But that's not what got my attention.

Faced with an increased demand for more local products, Rice wanted to know, "Why can't they change the rules?"
"These requirements are all established with the intent to protect the safety of the public" said county spokeswoman Jessica Donald. "Beyond that, the county and development services staff have always been open to working with impacted groups to explore ways the code can be modified or enhanced to help provide for productive and safe environments."
Wow that's some impressive weasel-wording.

So buying local products from a local farmer who knows the other producers is somehow inherently less safe than going to the grocery store where my produce got flown in from South America?

What's worse is I actually think these people might actually believe their own bullshit, and that farmers are somehow out to poison their friends and neighbors.