Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why'd they all miss so much?

I've been looking at the feedback on Top Shot reloaded around the net, and it seems that the most common response was "why did these experts miss over and over again?. What happened?"

The drill was to hit 8 billiard balls in a row, after running 30 yards, shooting from a specific position, with an obstruction in front of each ball, using a standard GI style service pistol that they had never shot before, and didn't get to sight in.

...What happened is, IT'S FRIKKEN HARD TO DO.

I've done that drill using paper targets with billiard balls printed on it (it's called "billiards from hell" or "hells balls", and it's something particularly sadistic trainers and match stage designers like to do, or use a variant on the theme of), using a gun I know well; and it still took me a minimum of 24 shots to do it, from a standard shooters box (which is pretty big), and without having to run 30 yards to the target.

It's hard to do with 8" pie plates, never mind billiard balls.

Billiard balls are 2.25" across. Standing in a small box (not a standard shooters box. It looked like maybe 18"), using a GI style 1911 with it's horrible sights, and god knows what consistency of ammo and what hold, cold with no prep and no sighting in, and oh yeah theres an obstruction in front of each target, just as large as your target, and directly in line with it, so that you have to shoot at weird angles and positions... Oh and you have to run 30 yards, in the cold and wet, before each shot?

Yeah, that's frikken hard.