Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Top Shot Reloaded

Ok, for those of you not regular readers coming here off a google search etc... full disclosure; I know (at least electronically) a couple of the people who were on the first season of Top Shot.

Also, although I liked the show in general, there were some things I really didn't much care for in how they handled the whole season.

I didn't like the editing style, or the manufactured drama, especially the way the eliminations were conducted.


If it weren't for manufacturing that drama, they would have had less than half the audience they had. Very few non-shooters would have watched, and even among shooters, without the drama the only ones who would have watched it would be the total gun wonks like me.

So, I get it. I still don't care for it... or reality TV in general (except Food Network stuff, which I generally enjoy) but I get that it has to be that way to build and maintain an audience.

So, onto today...

The wife and I both watched the first episode of the new season tonight, and in general, we liked it.

The challenges were interesting, and I dug the fact that they threw a curveball from jump. Again though, I didn't like the editing. It was too choppy, too forced feeling.

I was happy to see a few Air Force vets there this time around (I'm sure my friends in combat control are happy this evening, having an active, and decorated, CCT in the mix); and it seems that the level of competitors is mostly good.

Though... a Golf Instructor?

A well trained golf instructor yes... but...

Sometimes the reality producers are a little too obvious in setting up a bad guy...

So, did y'all watch? Will you watch in the future? What did you think of it?