Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the middle of what will hopefully be the final blizzard of the winter

Well, it started snowing last night, and we've got an expected 5-10 inches overnight; with wind gusting over 50 knots. It's expected temps will drop down to around 5 degrees, with a windchill of -25.

So far we've seen about 4" today, with gusts into the 40s; and the temp is down to 16, with wind chill around -5.  

The funny thing is, just a couple miles away, they're got winds much lower; like 10kts... Thats the joy of living in the mountains.

For a while, the blowing snow had reduced visibility to zero; but now theres a few hundred yards. It's actually kinda neat when you've got a wall thats mostly picture windows, and the snow has turned them opaque.

The storm is expected to continue through tomorrow night, with temps dropping as low as -10, with continued snow and wind.

I love weather in North IDaho. For the last few weeks we've mostly been in the upper 40s during the day; then all of a sudden, 10 below. 

Keeps you on your toes.