Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remember my post last week about Sheen...

... Where I posited that although Sheen is clearly both mentally ill, and a coke addict; that his current behavior was in fact deliberate?

I believe my quote was:
"There are times when he seems absolutely unhinged; especially in the last year or so... extra especially in the last month or so... but somehow he always comes out about where he wants to be."

"Sheen could just quit, but if he does, his contract doesn't get paid off and he forfeits million in future earnings, plus owing the studio and production company, whatever his contract penalty for quitting is (probably half what he would have made per episode, for however many episodes he no-shows for).

If they fire him, while he is still willing to, and capable of performing; then they have to pay off the penalty clause of his contract (which is probably half what he would have made per episode, maybe even all. Big stars often get 100% pay guarantees, but Sheen is so unstable only an idiot would have agreed to that provision)."
Yeah... well, since then he has in fact been fired, the show has been cancelled, and Sheen will receive a huge payoff (as will the rest of the cast, and the crew will be paid through the end of the season).

Now, to top it all off, Sheen produces what I can only assume is a gigantic "Fuck you, you did exactly what I wanted you to do" to Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre, in this: