Sunday, March 27, 2011

You know what's worse than when a Doctor calls you on a Sunday evening?

When he calls you on Saturday morning before 9am.

The doc got some of my blood tests back, and felt that he should talk to me immediately.

At this point, he's entirely certain I've got something else wrong with me (besides, you know, the potato sized tumor in my neck), he's just not sure what.

There's definitely something wrong with my pituitary function, that much is clear. I'm exhibiting pituitary insufficiency in several indicator hormones.

Possibly multiendocrine neoplasia, with or without paraneoplastic syndrome; possibly just pituitary lesions, tumors, or microtumors.

Also, he strongly suspects I may have an atypical presentation of Cushings (which prior doctors had ruled out based on less comprehensive testing); as while my overall cortisol level is only slightly elevated, my cortisol suppression seems to be insufficient.

This may indicate an adrenal disfunction, another form of pituitary disfunction, or possibly some kind of disfunction in my hypothalmus; which strengthens the case for paraneoplastic syndrome, and/or multiendocrine neoplasia.

I've got more test results coming back on Monday or Tuesday, and the doc wants me in for a head and neck MRI as soon as they can schedule it (sometime during the week most likely).

So, yaknow... yay and stuff...