Monday, March 07, 2011

Oooohhhh.... me wantsssessssss the zoooom

These are the new BMW k1600gt

And k1600gtl

The bikes are on the same frame, with the same basic suspension, powerplant, and running gear.

The difference between the two is about 7" in length, about 60lbs in weight (700 and 760lbs wet respectively), a bigger luggage package with a tailpack, a slightly larger fuel tank; and a slightly more relaxed riding position, with more forward and lower set pegs, a 2" lower seat, higher windshield, and longer bars on the GTL.

Also, the factory suspension settings on the GTL are calibrated for the higher weight, and a slightly softer edge (according to the first look reviews out there, only very slightly).

Then there's the fun little party piece, the adaptive headlight:

Personally, I'm a little more impressed with the engine:

A 160hp inline six, with 129ftlbs of torque, at a relatively low for a bike 5000rpm; and yet the bike is rated for 52mpg, with 6.3 and 7 gallon fuel capacities respectively, for a theoretical range of over 300 miles (though, I seriously doubt one could keep ones wrist under that much control).

15 years ago, most family cars didn't have that kind of power. Of course, 15 years ago, you could actually buy a family car for what they want for one of these.

At $21k and $23k respectively, it aint gonna happen any time soon; but I can't see any better balance between a harder edged semi-sport bike or sport tourer, and a big full bagger two wheeled limo like a 'wing (which weighs 130lbs more and has 40 less horsepower for 200 more CCs).

I wonder what it would take to wangle a test ride... I think the nearest dealer is like 70 miles away.