Monday, June 13, 2011

The problem with watching a TV series based off of a book series...

is that occasionally not reading the books bites you in the ass.


For all of those people pissed off because Ned is beheaded.

I see you didn't read the books. You think that is bad?


For one thing, yes, it was SEAN BEAN. Sean Bean is amazing. But remember what happened last time Sean Bean played a complicated hero?

You forgot, didn't you?

I'll admit, when I first read Game of Thrones I spent quite a bit of time swearing at George R.R. Martin. Really, killing the main character in what feels like the first half hour? That was cruel dude. Really, really cruel.

But I got sucked in. I read all 4 books in 2 weeks.

The reality is, Ned isn't the main character. Ned is important, but only because he's the father of some of the main characters.

Note I said "some".

There is no one main character of the series.

The Song of Fire and Ice isn't about Ned, or Robert. The Song of Fire and Ice is about Jon Snow, and Arya, and Bran, and Sansa, and Theon, and all of the true innocent victims of the Game of Thrones. The series is more specifically about the children of the main combatants of the war with Mad King Aerys.

The story isn't about Ned Stark, or Robert Baratheon, or Tywin Lannister, or Aerys. It's about their kids, including MY favorite two characters:

Tyrion, one of the REAL heroes of the books (just get used to it) played by the amazing and underrated Peter Dinklage:
And of course, Daenerys:

For all of you pissed off about Ned's death, wait 2-3 (maybe 4) episodes, or you'll miss something really, really awesome and worthy of HBO's ridiculously high production values.