Saturday, June 04, 2011

For the Bruins tonight

I present to you, the Dropkick Murphys cover of Nokie Edwards and the Ventures "Nutty".

This is the traditional opening theme of Bruins games from 1967 to 1984, when hockey was watched so little that it wasn't even on major affiliates, and we all had our hearts broken over and over again on little tv's with bunny ears and fuzzy pictures tuned to UHF channel 38, WSBK in Boston (which was once Boston Catholic Television).

Tonight the Bruins play game two at the Vancouver Canucks, coming off a loss at home. As it happens, they are playing close to me tonight, than they are to Boston (Rogers arena being only about 450 miles away as opposed to 2800 miles to the Garden), so I  thought I'd make this my faceoff to begin the finals as it were.

Can't exactly call it a kickoff now can I.

Here's hoping for the Bruins 6th Stanley cup victory, making them the undisputed fourth most winning team in Stanley cup history (they are currently in a tie for fourth with the Oilers; and behind the Redwings, Leafs, and Canadiens. The Bruins are also the third most winning team in the NHL overall, behind the Redwings and Canadiens), and their first in 39 years.

Of course,  what we don't want to do is tie the Red Wings for their particular record... The Bruins hold the distinction of losing the Stanley cup 12 times (making them fourth in total appearances as well, also behind the Red Wings); one less than the Red wings (7 of the Bruins losses have been to the 24 time champ Canadiens however, while 6 of the Red Wings have been to the second in championships - 13 - Leafs)

And of course, life wouldn't be complete without my little dig at serious hockey fans...

Seriously, what sport, which requires freezing temperatures to play, thought it was a good idea to have a season (including pre-season) that went from SEPTEMBER TO FRIKKEN JUNE.

Note... almost everywhere professional hockey is played, THERE IS NO ICE FOR 6 TO 8 OF THOSE 10 DAMN MONTHS.

That's not a sports season, it's a FRIKKEN SCHOOL YEAR.

Of course, in some cities, their isn't any ice for ALL of those months. Especially with teams in ARIZONA AND FLORIDA....


Maybe that's why, during 10 months (ok, to be fair, only 6.5 months of regular season), they ONLY MANAGE TO PLAY 82 GAMES. For gods sakes, basketball has that same 82 games, but does it in 6 months, and has the decency to have their playoffs only last five weeks. Baseball gets 162 games into 5 months and 3 weeks, and playoffs are only 3 weeks, with the world series being the last 3-7 days of the season.

Did I mention that the playoffs go on for THREE MONTHS. The finals alone go on for THREE WEEKS.

There are 30 active professional hockey teams, and 16 OF THEM QUALIFY FOR THE DAMN PLAYOFFS...

No wonder nobody watches hockey anymore... it takes too damn long, and it's like kids soccer, everybody gets into the playoffs...