Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes - Part 2


This is me at my peak weight of 490lbs:

Honest to god, I can barely bring myself to say that. 490lbs... that's just insane. I'm almost ashamed to even admit that. How in the hell did that happen. That's me... plus 200lbs.

I get angry thinking about it... How could my doctors not know? Not understand? How could it have taken so long for them to listen, to do something. Why did I have to go from doctor to doctor for years...

But yaknow what... anger isn't helping me. It isn't helping my health, or my stress, or my life... It's just not worth it.

Now... Thing is... I still didn't look like 490 there (thank god). I'm just a huge guy by nature. The two women given the Burqa treatment here (I didn't feel like getting their permission to use the photo) are 5'7 and 5'9 respectively, not petite shrinking flowers. You can see, my hands are about as big as their heads.

Now, here's me, 8 months and 90lbs later:

And rest assured, my eyes CAN open more than that, but it was DAMN bright out there.

Oh and yes, that giant bulge on the left (right from my perspective) side of my neck, is the big damn tumor.

90 lbs... another ohh... 125lbs or so to go...

It's a start.