Tuesday, August 09, 2011

More GBR Prizes and Toys

The famous Gun Blogger Rendezvous raffle prize pool is growing in size and *ahem* scope.

Weatherby will be donating a new shotgun to the Project Valour-IT Fund Raising raffle, and Ruger is also donating a new pistol to the raffle. Dewey, makers of fine quality gun cleaning kits and rods, will be a new sponsor this year. Leupold will be adding a beautiful new scope to the raffle too. Pro Ears will be also sponsoring this year, and also letting us play with their hearing protectors at the range. We will be able to buy them at a very special Rendezvous price, if we find one we like.

Remember, you can't win or play with any of the toys if you're not there.

This year's Rondy is September 8-11 in Reno and it's not too late to register.