Friday, April 20, 2012

Going to have to cancel our trip to boomershoot this year

Well, Boomershoot is next weekend, but unfortunately, Mel and I won't be going as we had planned.

I'm starting my new job next week, and unfortunately between scrambling around trying to cover our bills 'til I'm being paid again, being mostly broke, getting ready for the new job, and just life in general at the moment; we haven't had any time (or money) to prep, and won't be able to have any time to prep before we'd have to go, and would only be able to get there Saturday (or maybe late Friday night).

Worst of all, I don't have any guns capable of shooting over 600 yards accurately, that are ready to go.

The only precision rifle I've got ready at the moment is my long range AR, and that tops out at 600 in no wind (a 75gr bullet just doesn't have the mass to resist major crosswinds)... There's never no wind at boomershoot. I'd pretty much be limited to 400 yards; and our spot is on the long range side of the firing line.

So rather than try to scramble and rush to make it work, like we did last year (and while we enjoyed the shooting and the hanging out, we were otherwise miserable, exhausted, sore etc...) were going to say, next year.

Obviously we're too close to the event to get a refund, so we've got two shooters slots at position 7, and two banquet seats open.

If anyone want's them, and is sure they can go, or if the folks in position 8 or position 6 want our slot for more space, they're yours for free; unless of course some kind soul wants to buy them off us ($336).

Also, if anyone wanted to stay at the best western, but they were full; we just canceled our reservation, so they should have at least one room free.