Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The voices in my head - Part 1: Low Quality

"I'd always imagined you as a basso profundo, or a deep, gravelly voice." --A Reader in comments

I do actually, the mic just doesn't pick it up well; and I was feeling a bit sinusy yesterday.

Also, I tend to have a highly variable vocal range depending on the time of day, my energy state, and my stress state.

When I'm very relaxed, very tired, or I just wake up in the morning, my voice is VERY deep and rumbly. During the day, my vocal cords tend to tighten up, particularly as my stress level increases, or I get excited; and my voice gets higher, and tighter.

Also some of my medications can make my voice tighten.

Anyway, here's the low quality, afternoon sample. Tomorrow after I find my decent quality mic/webcam, and before I take my medication, I'll record another and you can get SOME of what my voice actually sounds like; but really, it's never going to come through in a youtube video because of the compression etc...